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pinikayAutomatic briquette pellet line PBL-600 is good for middle factories, who has about 15-20 m3 of sawdust per day. PiniKay briquette is ver popular on the market, but the production process is very difficult. Operator must all the time control the moisture of raw material and speed of feeding. This line has hammer mill and air dryer, but if you have large wood waste you have to buy wood chipping machine. This equipment has 1 year warranty.

Screw press briquette line PBL-600
Raw material sawdust, wood chips, small wood waste, agrocultural waste
Raw material moisture 12-50%
Raw material size < 50 mm diameter
Maximum capacity < 600 kg/h sawdust
Required power 42 Kw
Warranty 1 year
Number of workers 1 engineer + 3 workers
Room demandtion 250 m2, 4,5 meters
Room temperature > +10C
Price (FOB Qingdao) 1 980 000 рублей
Assembly 5%

                                             Contents of PBL-600                                    
Name Kw Origin Price
Hammer mill SG65х27 (< 1000 kg/h) 22 Китай-Германия 5600 USD
Screw conveyor 3 meters 1 Китай-Германия 1200 USD
Air dryer TYD550 5.5 Китай 11 500 USD
Screw conveyor 3 meters 1 Китай-Германия 1200 USD
Screw press TYBJ650 27 Китай 4600 USD
Screw press TYBJ650 27 Китай 4600 USD
83.5 28 700 USD

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