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nestroAutomatic briquette lines NBL-1200 can produce about 1200 kg of NESTRO briquette per hour. This briquette is very popular on the market to. It is very easy to produce NESTRO briquettes and you will not meet a lot of problems like you can meet when producing PiniKay briquette. This line can be modifyed according to your order. Please contact our specialists to get more information.


Automatic NESTRO briquette line NBL-1200
Raw material sawdust, wood chips, small wood waste, agrocultural waste, peat
Raw material moisture 12-50%
Raw material size < 50 mm diameter
Maximum capacity < 500 kg/h sawdust
Required power 99 Kw
Warranty 1 year
Number of workers 1 engineer + 2 workers
Room demandtion 300 m2, roof height 4,5 meters
Room temperature > +5C
Price (FOB Qingdao) 58 300 USD
Assembly 5%


                                             Contents of NBL-1200                                  
Name Kw Origin Price
Hammer mill SG65х27 (< 1000 kg/h) 22 China-Germany 5600 USD
Screw conveyor 3m 1 China-Germany 1200 USD
Air flow dryer TYD550 15 China 11 500 USD
Piston press HPB-1200 61 China 40 000 USD
99 58 300 USD

* Warning! We can replace some positions according to customers desire.